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Global Card Products:

Global IME Bank offers various card products to its customers. All of Global IME Bank’s cards are issued under Visa brand. The Bank offers two types of cards, debit card and credit card. Customers who have the Bank’s card(s) can use it to purchase goods and services at various merchant locations in Nepal and India. In addition, they can use their cards to withdraw cash from hundreds of Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) in Nepal and from thousands of ATM machines in India. Debit Card customers can also use ATM machines to recharge prepaid GSM/CDMA (Nepal Telecom) and request cheque book and bank account statement anytime. International Prepaid Cards and Credit Cards are also issued by the Bank and these cards are acceptable wherever Visa is accepted.

Card Products :

       Visa Debit Cards

       Global Travel Card

       Visa Domestic Gold Credit Cards

       Visa Domestic Classic Credit Cards

       Visa International Credit Cards (USD)

Online Payment


Recharge Prepaid GSM/CDMA (Nepal Telecom) anytime through Global IME Bank ATMs

Request Cheque Book and Statement anytime through ATMs

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