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Management Committee Team [Back]

The management committee team members of the bank have been handpicked to include the most seasoned and experienced veterans from the industry who have previously shown the ability to lead and nurture an organization

Mr. Janak Sharma Poudyal

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Suman Sharma

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Rameshwar Sharma Aryal

Deputy General Manager

Mr. Surendra Raj Regmi

Assistant General Manager-SME and Retail Banking

Ms. Arati Rana

Assistant General Manager- Corporate Banking/Infrastructure & Project Financing

Mr. Raj Rimal

Head General Service Department

Mr. Bhawani Dhakal

Head - Human Resource

Mr. Anil Joshi

Chief - Information Technology

Mr. Deep Chandra Regmi

Chief - Financial Officer

Mr.Buddhi Akela

Chief - Risk Officer

Ms. Shanta Siwakoti

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Ganesh Prasad Awasthi

Head - Marketing and Business Promotion

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