Global E-Com Card

Global E-Com Card is valid worldwide for E- Com transactions. This card is issued to individual and organization having PAN Number. Uses of this card is only for online transaction (E-commerce) such as Paypal, Online Streaming sites ( Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.), Social sites for marketing (Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Google etc.), Journal publishing internationally, Procurement of software (mobile applications), Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Subscription of applications, Fee Payment of IELTS, TOEFL , SAT etc…
The major features of the GLOBAL E-COM card:

  1. It is 3D Secured and valid for worldwide transactions via E-commerce.
  2. Can be issued to individual/firm/company/institution.
  3. Instant non-personalized card, Virtual Card and Personalized Card will be issued and available over the counter of all branches of GIBL.
  4. Card issued under Visa brand in USD currency.
  5. Tenure of card Limit: One Year term on annual renewal basis.
  6. The date of card validity initiates from the date of card activation.
  7. Limit:  Up to USD 500 annually.
Documents required:
  1. Signed application form and self-declaration application form
  2. PAN Certificate Copy
  3. GIBL Account


Fee Structure

Sn. Particular Fee & Charges (NPR)
1 Issuance Fee Instant : NPR 500, Personalized :NPR 600
2 Replacement Fee NPR 250
3 Top Up Fee Nil
4 Renewal Fee/ New Card NPR 500
  • If lost/ stolen usage can be blocked immediately by informing the bank at
  • Customer service facility is provided through Global Connect (Phone Number: 015970600)

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