Global IME Professional Loan


This product has been targeted to salaried professionals to meet their personal requirements. This is a non-asset based lending and is totally based on the cash flow of the individuals. The targeted group of this loan includes doctors, engineers, bankers, chartered accountants, government officials, lawyers, teachers/professors, individuals working in corporations, reputed companies, NGO/INGOS etc.


  • Individual - Nepalese Citizens above 25 years and should not exceed 65 years or retirement age (for salaried) whichever is earlier at the maturity of facility.
  • Salaried and professional individuals with PAN certificate.
  • Work experience of minimum I year in the relevant area.
  • Bank account statement of last 6 months that should reflect the credit of salary in the account(For salaried).
Features and Benefits:
  • Competitive premium rate.
  • Flexible Repayment Schedule: Monthly (EMI) or quarterly (EQI) basis or quarterly interest payment.
  • Fast approval process.
  • Prompt services.
  • Facility available in all branches.
  • Tenor: Maximum up to 5 years for installment basis and 1 year for revolving nature. 
  • Counseling to help better financing by our Relationship Managers throughout the process.
Documents required

  • Passport size photo of applicant/guarantor.
  • Photocopy of citizenship certificate of applicant and guarantor.
  • Employee ID/professional license (as applicable).
  • .Family members name in detail.
  • Photocopy of PAN certificate of applicant.
  • Residence site visit report of the borrower.
  • Employer office site visit report (as applicable for private employer).
Proof of income
  • Salary Certificate (preferably original).
  • Photocopy of contract agreement between applicant and his/her employer (as
  • applicable).
  • Bank account statement of minimum 6 months.
  • Evidence of additional income (if any).
  • Others if any.
  • Loan application form duly filled and signed in standard format.
  • Current/salary account of the applicant /borrower (as applicable).
  • Net worth declaration.
  • Multiple banking declaration.
  • Other KYC documents/ information including details of the customer's business as per annexure 19.1 of NRB Directives No. 19.
  • Other documents stipulated by the Bank from time to time.

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