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Why stand in line when you can be online? Global IME Bank offers convenient banking facilities through the Internet so its valued customers can save their time and money. Global online banking features many of the traditional banking activities which previously could only be done through the counter.
The following are the list of features available through Global online banking, which is also known as GlobalOnline.
  1. Transaction
    • Fund Transfer
    • Credit Card Payment
    • Landline Bill Payment
    • Postpaid Bill Payment
    • Recharge
      • NTC GSM Prepaid
      • NTC CDMA Prepaid
      • ESewa Account
  2. Request
    • Cheque Stop
    • Cheque Book
  3. Accounts Enquiry
    • General Information
    • Full Information
    • Mini Statement
    • Full Statement
  4. Settings
    • Change Login Password
    • Change Transaction Password
    • Link Account Setting
    • Link Credit Card Setting
  5. Message and History
    • Compose and Send Message
    • Read Message
    • Global Online History


  • Fill up the application for online banking.
  • Submit it to the respective branch.
  • Receive your user ID and passwords in your e-mail and mobile phone.
  • Begin using online banking service.
Types of Fees Amount (Rs.)
  Annual Fee   150
Limit Per Txn Limit Per Day Limit Per Month Limit
  Fund Transfer   Rs. 1,00,000   Rs. 10,00,000   Rs. 50,00,000
  Merchant Bill payment   Rs. 10,00,000   Rs. 10,00,000   Rs. 30,00,000
  Load Wallet   Rs. 25,000   Rs. 25,000   Rs. 50,000

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