Global Remit

Global Remit

Global Remit is a premium online customer focused and technology oriented remittance product of Global IME Bank Ltd. It is web based remittance software that facilitates online money transfer system with the latest technological features. It supports ID & Account Transfers enabling customers to transfer funds from our International partners to all our branches/payout locations at your nearest locations. With the vast experience of the management team and the board of directors in remittance business, Global Remit is dedicated to provide fastest and safest way of money transfer. So far with the lowest sending fee and highest exchange rate offered to its customers, Global Remit has established a strong bond amongst its customers.

  1. Web based technology.
  2. VeriSign Secured
  3. Largest Network with 108 Global IME Bank Branches, more than 5200 IME locations and 1000 plus YES Remit agents.
  4. Real time transaction processing
  5. Provide fastest and reliable means of remittance information.
  6. Deposit instant in any Global IME Bank branches & any other Banks & Financial Institutions.
  7. Competitive service charge.


Step 1:
Remitter will contact the Receiving Outlet i.e. Exchange house/ Banks to send his money. He will fill an application form mentioning (not limiting to) transfer amount, beneficiary name, beneficiary address, beneficiary contacts and sender details too.

Step 2:
The Remitter will submit the form and required transfer amount including transfer charges to the receiving outlet that will then process the transaction via Global Remit. For every single transaction processed through Global Remit, the system will automatically generate a Unique Reference Number (starting with 77…..) which the Remitter needs to pass to the beneficiary via phone, sms or mail.

Step 3:
Beneficiary will visit the branch/payout location of Global Remit where he will fill a remittance claim form mentioning all the details. The mandatory fields in the form are:
  1. Beneficiary Name
  2. Beneficiary Address and Contact Number
  3. Beneficiary ID Type and no.
  4. Sender Name
  5. Sender country
  6. Expected amount

Step 4: 
The Paying Counter (Global IME Bank branches or IME Remit agent) will match the Reference Number in their system, in the reference number match, the paying counter ((Global IME Bank branches or IME Remit agent)  will collect a copy of photo-id (citizenship, passport or driving license) and pay the total send amount to  the beneficiary.