Global Small Business Loan

Global IME Small Business Loan (GSBL) has been proposed to help to the small businesses/individuals within the vicinity of the service outlet of Global IME Bank Limited.


  • Providing working capital for existing business/startup business.
  • Providing Term loan for existing and new business.
  • Bank guarantee for existing and new business.
Features and Benefits:
  • Competitive premium rate.
  • Flexible Repayment Schedule: Monthly (EMI) or quarterly (EQI) basis or quarterly interest payment.
  • Fast approval process.
  • Maximum limit up to 1.5 Million.
  • No Processing (Service Charge) Fee.
  • Prompt services.
  • Fixed Assets Collateral having 4 feet access road also considered.
  • Facility available in all branches.
  • Tenor: Maximum up to 10 years for installment basis and 1 year for revolving nature. 
  • Counseling to help better financing by our Relationship Managers throughout the process.
  • Small business in the vicinity of the branch.
  • Firm registration.
  • Domicile of locality.
  • Borrower/Guarantor should be eligible for insurance coverage.
  • Should not be exposed to other Banks/Fls.
  • Female member of the household to be preferred.
  • Joint application may be considered.
Documents required
  • Photocopy of citizenship certificate of applicant, guarantor(s).
  • Passport size photographs of applicant, guarantor(s).
  • Name of the family members.
  • Loan application form duly filled and signed in standard format of the Bank.
  • Multiple banking declarations.
  • Photocopy of Firm Registration. if applicable.
  • Location map of the resident and business premises including site visit report by BM/RM.
  • Medical checkup report of the client as required by insurance Company and other documents as per the requirement to insure the client.
  • Other documents stipulated by the Bank from time to time.

Refer to your nearest branches.

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