Janata Retirement Fund

Janata Retirement Fund (JRF) has incorporated in BS 2060 under Income Tax Act, 2058 & Income Tax Rule, 2059 obtaining approval from the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) as a separate entity of Global IME Bank Limited (Erstwhile Janata Bank Nepal Limited).
The main objective of the Fund is to make employees benefit from their income tax liability to maintain their secure retired life through the savings of their active employment period.
The Fund is running successfully since BS 2060 and has been delivering quality service to its customers who have been contributing their best service in any industry of the national economy.
Product & Services:
The Janata Retirement Fund (JRF) has been managing the following schemes to facilitate our valued customers.

  • Provident Fund
  • Retirement Fund
  • Gratuity/Pension Fund
  • Employees Welfare Fund
  • Public Provident Fund
  • Leave Encashment Fund 
  • Other Staff Related Funds
  • 8.5% p.a. Interest on deposit is provided on daily balance & capitalized at quarterly basis and such interest income is also tax free.
  • The Fund is providing credit facilities to its individual depositor/contributor up to 90 % of their deposit amount (provident fund and retirement fund) as Janata RF Loan.
  • The Depositor/Contributor will be eligible to apply for Janata RF Loan only after one year of depositing/contributing on such amount or after completion on one fiscal year of depositing/contributing on such amount along with the recommendation from the concerned organization (Employer).
  • The interest rate on Janata RF Loan will be additional 1.5% pa interest rate on deposit (i.e. 8.5%+1.5%=10%).
  • The Depositor/Contributor can get all services (Deposit/Loan/Account Close) from any branch of the Global IME Bank Limited.
  • For the final withdraw of the deposit amount, the Depositor/Contributor may request to Janata Retirement Fund along with the certification of the retirement document from the concerned organization (Employer).
  • Depositors can be benefited of NPR 10,000.00 as Bereavement Expenses and NPR 10,000.00 as Maternity Expenses. In order to take these facilities the depositors must claim the payment within 90 days of the incident.
Required Documents:
Janata RF Account Opening:
  • Registration, PAN, MOA, AOA of concerned organization
  • Board Minute from concerned Organization regarding on participating Janata Retirement Fund.
  • Duly filled JRF Opening Form and JRF card (by individual)
  • Citizenship Copy and 2 recent photograph
  • Employee ID Card Copy
    (BOD minute and covering letter is not necessary for RF account)
Janata RF Account Closing
  • Release Letter of the employee
  • Acknowledgement Letter from Organization
  • Duly filled JRF Closing Form
  • Original JRF card or certified copy of citizenship
Janata RF Revolving Loan
  • Duly filled JRF Loan Form
  • JRF card copy or certified copy of citizenship

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