Meri Unilai

Meri Unilai Fixed Deposit is a special kind of term deposit designed for the women and all the female above 18 years. The basic objective of the product is to encourage person (He) to assist saving for his spouse and also to develop saving habit of women for their future. Depositors may choose a core amount (Minimum NPR 100,000) to open fixed deposit and increase the amount subsequently. The minimum top up then after in the fixed deposit is NPR 50,000 and the customer is not allowed for top up in case the fixed deposit has less than 3 months for maturity. This deposit matures on a specific date in the future along with all the deposits made every time. This deposit scheme will allow customers an opportunity to build up their saving through regular deposit of a sum over a fixed period of time.

Key features:
  • Free Debit card for the 1st year
  • 100% discount on locker charge  1st year (Upon availability)
  • Instant loan facility up to 90% of the fixed deposit amount
  • Can be opened online through mobile banking and internet banking
  • Saving account compulsory
  • Joint account allowed only within the same family
Additional Offers:   For fixed deposit of 1 million and above
  • Free debit card in saving account
  • Privileged card to the customers will be provided having fixed deposit of NPR 1 million and above
  • Privileged / personalized service will be provided by the branch
  • No credit card issuance charge
  • 100% Waiver in processing fee for Home Loan
  • Personal Home Service for opening of account
Eligibility All female aged l8 years and above with savings account (Nepalese citizens only)
Currency Nepalese Rupees (NPR)
Min. Balance For fixed deposit opening  NPR 100,000.
Minimum top up amount    NPR 50,000
Interest Payment Frequency Quarterly
Interest Rate
Operative/Nominee Acount Saving Account (Principal amount with interest shall be posted on saving account at maturity)

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