Online Fixed Deposit

“Online Fixed Deposit”is a service through which the saving account holders wishing to open an FD accounts can do through Global Online (Internet banking) service from anywhere. Through Online Fixed Deposit module,the account holders who have subscribed to Global Online (Internet banking) service can seamlessly transfer funds from their saving accounts to the fixed deposit accounts from anywhere, anytime without visiting branches.
Maintain Personal Saving account with the bankSubscribe Global Online(Internet Banking Service) 

Charges: Free Global Online(Internet Banking) 
Tenure:  3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 12 month
Limit for Online FD:Minimum Limit: Rs 10,000
Maximum Limit: Rs. 10 Million
  • Convenience: It gives the convenience to open a fixed deposit account while sitting in your own home or anywhere in the world and at any time.
  • Speed: A fixed deposit account can be opened instantly. There is no need to spend time to travel to a bank’s branch, wait in a queue and then travel back in traffic.
  • Easy payment option: In the online method, the amount is directly debited from the savings account of the customer and thus it is an easy payment option. This eliminates the need to carry a lump sum to the bank or visit the bank, etc.
  • Visit the Global IME Bank’s website( and Click on Global Online options or directly access the online banking site (
  • After successful log-in, click on “Fixed Deposit”.
  • Fill up the necessary details such as source account from which account balance is to be debited, Duration of FD, Amount, Nominee’s Name, Relationship with Nominee, and Remarks. Finally submit the form.
  • OTP code will be forwarded to the customer’s mobile finally to commit the account opening process. (Note: citizens who are residing in abroad can use Transaction Password).
  • FD account will be active from the same day on which customer submit the form.
  • Download Online Fixed Deposit Manual

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