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Through the SWIFT transfer mechanism, you can transfer your fund to virtually anywhere in the world through Global IME Bank Limited. Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication System (SWIFT), the most reliable communications network system, provides you an opportunity to transfer your funds to any of the foreign banks.

Swift code of Global IME Bank and your account number.
Please instruct your bank to
Credit our Nostro account number. ......... 
..........Bank (pls mention name of correspondent bank),
.......... (Pls mention address of correspondent bank) 
SWIFT: ........ (pls mention Swift Code) 
Global IME Bank Ltd
Kathmandu, Nepal

Onward credit to
......... (pls mention your account number with Global IME Bank)
......... Branch, Global IME Bank Limited


Bank Draft

Global IME Bank has entered into draft drawing arrangement with various banks in India and abroad. Global IME Bank, thus, can draw demand drafts to its correspondent banks.


Indian Rupee Draft Arrangement

Global IME Bank can draw the demand drafts to the various branches of Standard Chartered Bank, India, HDFC Bank and Centurion Bank, India.


FCY Draft Arrangement

Global IME Bank can draw the demand drafts on number of its correspondent banks located various part of the world in various currencies.


Managers Cheques

Managers Cheque is the cheque drawn by Global IME Bank on itself. Global IME Bank issues Mangers cheque at very less charges which can be deposited in any account with other banks or in customers account at Global IME Bank itself.

Global IME Bank

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