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As a paperless system of making payment, Global IME Bank offers an alternative to the traditional systems, a payment via QR Code scanning through Mobile. QR payment systems have the advantage of enabling transactions to be processed quickly and more cheaply and also offer a much more convenient method of effecting settlement of transactions.
QR code (Quick Response) is a black and white dotted digital image which holds certain information on it and only smart phone's camera can scan the details. Global IME Bank has introduced QR payment technology through Mobile banking channel (Global Smart) for the first time in Nepal. In this technology, simply customer makes payment through mobile by scanning QR code at the merchant.
Bank Customer is provided Mobile Banking Application for QR payment on different Merchant Outlets.
Following are the steps for QR code Scan and payment on Merchant Outlets:
  1. Customer opens bank's Mobile Banking application. Without login into the application, Customer Scrolls on right side of the landing page. The "Scan to Pay on Merchant Outlets" screen appears which is used to scan the QR code displayed on the merchant side.
Also, by login into the Mobile banking application, Customer Needs to click on "Scan 2 Pay" option which leads to "Scan to Pay on Merchant Outlets" screen.
The QR Code which customer scans comes into 2 ways; either through the physical QR code standee that is placed in the merchant side or through Merchant Mobile apps which merchant generates QR code in their mobile.
Figure: Customer scanning the QR code displayed on merchant side
2.Once Scan is done, the following screen will appear in customer mobile banking. The Amount and Remarks field should be filled by the customer. For example, if customer needs to pay Rs. 5000 to merchant for purchasing watch, then he/she should type the amount and remarks accordingly.

3.Once Customer Click on Submit, The Transaction Details appears in screen for confirmation of the payment from the customer.

4.Once, Customer clicks on Confirm, Customer needs to provide his transaction PIN of 4 digits to complete the transaction.If the pin is correct, then the system will display the confirmation message that the "Payment has been made successfully".

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