QR merchant payment

Give your Business the QR code payment Advantage

Global IME Bank offers merchant to accept QR code payment from more than 7 million mobile banking customers in Nepal.
Customer now can simply scan the QR code of fonepay network by the mobile and pay the bill amount instantly. The payments made through QR code will be directly gets transferred to the merchant account.
The QR code based payments which is in Fonepay network are accepted by most of the merchants across Nepal. In fact, UnionPay too accept QR code based payment.

How To Get  QR Code?

1. Business entity must open Account with the bank.
2. Submit the PAN and business registration document.
3. Fill up the Know Your Merchant Form.
4. Sign an agreement with the bank.

Benefits of QR Code

1. QR Code will allow all the merchants to receive digital payments without the use of Point-of-Sale (POS) swiping machine and is quite cheap with low service charge.
2. It saves time as the payment gets directly transferred to the bank account.
3. All the payment details and statement can be viewed online.

If you are interested to use QR code payment service for your business, Please email us at db@gibl.com.np.


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