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Global IME Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Loan

Our SME Loan enables you to meet your unique business requirement.



  • Financing for small business facilities and commitments
  • Working capital financing
  • Financing term loans and leases e.g. auto loan, hire purchase etc. 
  • Purchase of loan from other banks and financial institutions
  • Financing for capital expenditure (in the form of Fixed Term Loan)
  • Financing for trade related facilities like LC/TR and non-funded facilities like bank guarantee etc.

Features and Benefits:
  • Competitive premium rates
  • Fast approval process
  • Prompt services
  • Facility available in all branches
  • Flexible tenor: Maximum up to 15 years on installment basis for term loan and 1 year for working capital loan. 
  • Counseling to help better financing by our Relationship Managers throughout the process
  • Small and medium scale industries (carpet, garment, pashmina, handicraft etc); Trading sector (wholesaler and retailers/distributors, import and exporters), service sector (cargo/freight forwarders, travel/tour/ticketing agencies, hospital/polyclinics, educational consultancies etc.) and any other sector
  • Firm/company owned by Nepalese individual registered in concerning government authorities.
  • Business is in operation at least for last six months for new venture after registration in concerning government authorities or key persons having experience in the proposed line of business.
  • Minimum 2 years of profitable operation or the new business to be established by the key person who has minimum 6 months of experience in the similar business.
  • Purchase of loan is subject to the satisfactory debt servicing to concerning banks/financial institution
  • Primary security: Hypothecation of stocks, assignment of current assets, bills and receivables of the business.
  • Secondary Security: Registered mortgage of land and building, FD Receipts; Cash Margin; Government bond; Lien on current/saving account.  
  • Additional security: Shares of different companies / Banks/ Financial Institutions.
  • Insurance of building for the total value and Insurance of stocks endorsed in the name of the bank.
Documents Required

Registration Related Documents:
  • Copy of registration certificate issued by Company Registrar's office/ office of commerce / office of small & cottage industry & PAN Certificate.
  • Copy of Article of Association
  • Copy of Memorandum/partnership deed as applicable.
  • Copy of TAX /PAN / VAT Registration/renewal certificate.
  • In case of requirement of specific permit/license to operate the business, same should be obtained from the concerned ministry/department.
  • Share Holding pattern certificated by Company registrar's office.

Collateral / Property Related Documents:
  • Copy of Ownership Documents of property (Lalpurja).
  • Copy of Land Revenue Payment Receipt (Tiro Rashid) - most recent.
  • Copy of ownership transfer document (Rajinama / Bakaspatra etc.)
  • Cad-astral map (blue-print map).
  • Certification of 4 corners (Chauhaddi).
  • Copy of Building drawing approved by concerned authority *building construction completion certificate ( in case of Building)
  • Any other documents related to property as applicable

Other Documents:
  • Certified true copy of Board Minute to obtain loan.
  • Citizenship & photographs of directors/proprietors/partners and personal guarantors.
  • Loan application firm duly filled and signed in standard format of the Bank.
  • Last years audited financial, three years projected financials for working capital loan. For term nature loan, projected financial to be at least for five years.
  • Name of the sister concern if any
  • Multiple Banking Declaration
  • Other documents stipulated by the Bank from time to time.
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