Viber banking

Viber banking is a digital technology that allows you to enjoy various services by interacting with the Bank directly through Viber, the popular internet based cross-platform instant messaging over VOIP IP application, available for free from Google store and App store.

Key Features:

  1. About Us: Displays various information about the bank
  2. Notices: Receive information on recent notices and updates published by the bank
  3. Branches: Lists the location addresses for all available banking branches
  4. Banking hours: Displays designated Normal Business/Transaction Hours and Extended Banking Hours at the bank’s branches
  5. ATMs: Lists the location addresses for all available Automatic Teller Machines
  6. Products & Services: Showcases the bank’s various products and service related information
  7. Forex Rates: Allows users to check the Foreign Currency Exchange rates
  8. Feedbacks: Enables users to give feedbacks and comments directly to bank through Viber
  9. Social Networks: Allows customers to connect with bank through various social media
  10. FAQs: Gives information regarding most frequently asked questions
  11. Interest Rate: Gives current rates for various types of account and loans
  12. Branchless Banking: Lists branchless banking locations
  13. Social Responsibility: Gives news of CSR activities done by bank
  14. Online Account Open:  Provide the link for online account opening
Additional Key Features:
  1. Account Information: Displays the registered customer’s account related information like Account holder name, account number, Mobile number and email address.
  2. Balance Inquiry: Displays Account balance, Available Balance and Accrued interest
  3. Mini Statement: Displays last 5 transaction
  4. Credit Card Inquiry: Displays information regarding available credit limit, available cash limit, total outstanding amount, due amount, due date and last payment date
  5. Loan/Overdraft Inquiry: Displays EMI amount, due date, outstanding interest and loan amount.
  6. Fixed Deposit Amount: Displays FD amount, tenure of FD period, maturity date and interest rate.
Process for Subscribing Viber banking: You will need to search for and subscribe to the bank’s Public account i.e. "Global IME Bank" in your viber app to start using the service.

Following are the steps to subscribe to viber banking.
  1. Start-up the viber app in your devices and go to the Public Account by tapping the  Icon
  2. Tap the search Icon for Bank’s public account by entering “Global IME Bank” in the given space.
  3. The public account for the bank will be displayed. Tap the icon to subscribers to this bank’s given space.
  4. Once subscribed, the corresponding icon will change to icon and you will receive a welcome notification in-app.
Process for registering account with Viber banking:
Follow these steps to register your account for viber banking.
  1. Select the bank’s public account and start a conversation by tapping the icon
  2. Next, send “Hi” or “Hello” message to the bank through the chat interface to bring up the scrollable menu items.
  3. Tap the "Registration" button to send the registration request to the Bank
  4. Enter your registered mobile number in GlobalSmart and send it when prompted
  5. Select preferred option to receive token like SMS or Email or both option
  6. You will receive a 6 digit token when prompted.
  7. Send your 6-digit token when prompted.
  8. The bank will send you a message confirming that you were successfully registered.
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